Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To sell or to keep?!

8 X 10 Acrylic on Canvas

Small painting, done from a photograph but painted outside this past Sunday!
Unbelievable beautiful weather so I just couldn't bear to paint inside. I was going to touch it up but I like the spontaneity and quick brush strokes. It definitely doesn't look overworked yet still is very complete!
So...To sell or to keep? I already have a light colored wooden frame that fits perfectly...


  1. Lovely painting, the perspective is fabulous. Hope you enjoyed the warm weather while painting outside. I'd love to collage outside, but the wind is my greatest enemy when it comes to an outdoorsy project. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of the collage you're working on :)

  2. This one would be very hard to give away! Great depth and freshness! I almost never rework my plein air pieces, they just seem to lose something when I do! I try to paint outside every week...but I'm in Florida! I will be posting some of my plein air work this week at http://evelynmccorristinpeters.blogspot.com
    (and thanks for visiting my blog this week!)

  3. Thanks :D

    You're right Evelyn! Definitely didn't re-work it! Found a little frame for it and it is now at home on my wall :)
    I'll post pics of the collage later this week--I'm out of town right now but yes, I can see where working outside with all those paper bits blowing away would be a little tricky :P