Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm International!!!

Just sold a 20"x 30" print of this photograph to someone in GERMANY!
Brigittemarie has gone international!!!
Sure made my Monday! I just hope shipping goes smoothly.

Monday, January 24, 2011

First Craft Fair!!!

Through Etsy, my friend and I were invited to host a booth at a holiday high school craft fair in Alexandria! We were a little intimidated at first when we walked in and saw the other vendors' fancy displays and spotlights but I think our little table ended up just fine. Neither one of us had ever done this before so we shared a table! We both made a few sales... SUCCESS!

We got invited to participate in some other shows/fairs later this year....although I think we'll each get our own tables!

Don't they look legit? All matted and in plastic sleeves...Fancy!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So much to write about. I haven't updated in so long I feel like I should either write one huge long post with many pictures....OR do several small posts separated by subject. That seems easier actually....Can you tell I'm in an organized mood? Rare!!!

It is January 2011 and it seems that I'm constantly taking a step back to analyze my life in general. One year ago, I lived in Washington, DC, had two roommates in a big townhouse, a seemingly doting boyfriend-soon-to-be-fiance and was pretty established in my 3rd year teaching at a lovely school. I was settled. For three years, when I went to the dentist and they asked if anything had changed since the last time I was there, I could say... nope!! same employer, address, insurance, and such. Nice.

Back to the present day. I live in Delaware, teach at a equally lovely Greek charter school (!?!), live in a studio apartment by myself--unless you count the possible mouse I've heard rustling around at night. I am single and definitely mingling, although dating is completely maddening. These comments between my mom and brother in-law pretty are spot on: Mother: Don't worry Brig, you have to kiss alot of frogs before you find the prince.. Brother-in-law: Well she is certainly mowing through all those frogs! HA! I have yet to even find a dentist because I liked my old one in Virginia so much. And I am filling out job applications for my former county, which feels strange enough as I forget now and then that I don't work or live there anymore...

Whoa! What happened this year?!

I moved to the random state of Delaware to be closer to my then-fiance, only to realize that he wasn't really ready after all. I hear that he wants to, ironically, move to D.C...I think we will just call this whole school year a life BLIP. One of my good friends said to think of it as a year on sabbatical. It definitely has been a year to step back, branch out on my own, make new friends, work on artwork, try new lesson plans, and generally re-invent my single self. Except with sabbaticals, you typically return to the same job, house/apartment, friends, etc. No need to re-interview, or apartment hunt, or leave entire new sets of friends behind. Last year at this time I was stressed because I had to make a huge decision to move in the spring and was sad to leave so much behind---friends, family, students. And this January, I'm faced with leaving things behind again this summer --new friends, great students, awesome apartment. Don't get me wrong, there is SO MUCH to look forward to moving this summer and I'm incredibly excited. However I am impatient and would so rather be already settled and re-employed and such. It will be hard not to wish this spring away!

Well that's it! Artwork and more recipes coming soon!!

Happy Friday