Thursday, September 30, 2010

Who knew a studio apartment could be so fabulous!

Thought I might share some pics of my little studio. I have decided that I really like older spaces. The details give it an extra level of charm and inspire my artsy side. The kitchen and art corner are currently not neat enough to merit any photography so I'll post some of those another time.....I really love having a studio, particularly one with hardwood floors and giant windows.
It is just big enough for me, perfect amount of space and still very cozy!


The sunset the other night was breathtaking with the silhouette of the neighborhood!
I bet the view of me hanging out my window to get the best angle was even more interesting...

Sadly, on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings I am awake early enough to see the moon!
Silly early childcare at school.

Pre-curtains, the huge windows let in so much light!
And having a corner unit means double the windows.
Have no fear, even with curtains it is just as airy.

I would like to thank my crazy Greek landlord for convincing me to rent this space. I wake up every day thinking "Wait a second...I live in Delaware" BUT "Hey what a fabulous apartment!"

It is so incredibly me!

And I just discovered this past weekend with friends visiting that it can also "comfortably" sleep 7 (wall to wall air mattresses do count as comfortable).

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh September

OH goodness. Where do I begin?

Good news--I have started painting again so more artwork coming soon.

Other news... in a nutshell...
  • I walked past my car the other day, thinking it wasn't mine because of the Delaware license plate
  • I am "dis engaged" but it's for the best
  • I have a new apartment-- the loveliest studio you have ever seen, now complete with curtains! Pics coming soon.
  • I have become an expert in parallel parking, even on dark rainy nights.
  • My new school and co-workers are fantastic and run on "Greek time" which is perfect for my meandering nature
  • I have discovered that while I am capable of carrying a TV up four flights of stairs AND putting a couch together, I had to take my car to PepBoys to get my license plate changed--silly bolts.
  • My family and friends are the BEST and the reason that I am still sane. Lucky girl right here!