Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh September

OH goodness. Where do I begin?

Good news--I have started painting again so more artwork coming soon.

Other news... in a nutshell...
  • I walked past my car the other day, thinking it wasn't mine because of the Delaware license plate
  • I am "dis engaged" but it's for the best
  • I have a new apartment-- the loveliest studio you have ever seen, now complete with curtains! Pics coming soon.
  • I have become an expert in parallel parking, even on dark rainy nights.
  • My new school and co-workers are fantastic and run on "Greek time" which is perfect for my meandering nature
  • I have discovered that while I am capable of carrying a TV up four flights of stairs AND putting a couch together, I had to take my car to PepBoys to get my license plate changed--silly bolts.
  • My family and friends are the BEST and the reason that I am still sane. Lucky girl right here!

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