Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Break in Vermont!

I tend to choose unusual spring break locations. This year, Vermont proved to be the right place! Plenty of quality time with family AND record highs in the 70s! Just to name some high points:

3 hr delay added to the 11 hour trip up because the train hit a tree
Solving Soduku with Grama each morning
Ben and Jerrys, Cabot Creamery, YUM
Learning a new crochet stitch
Tante Linda's peanut butter and chocolate fudge
Grama's home made donuts
Painting "en plein air"
Seeing a real sugar house and fresh maple syrup
Old photos
Shopping at the co-op, which mysteriously smelled like a certain substance... Made for a "feel good" shopping experience :P
"GRACE" GrassRoots Arts Community Effort in the old Firehouse!

Can't wait to plan another trip soon...and some pictures of course!
And more art posts coming soon....I cleaned up my studio yesterday and have so many ideas with all the random images and materials I found!

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