Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Oh Wednesdays...Right smack dab in the mid-week chaos. Despite still being incredibly sleepy, my mind is going a mile a minute making me quite stressy...lesson plans, Sub plans for next week, whether or not the Comcast guy will actually fix our wireless internet box, whether or not the Comcast guy will come too early when none of us our home.....Silly Comcast..

Sidenote on Comcast: Our Internet stopped working two weeks ago and we unplugged and replugged a thousand times only to call Comcast and find out that our wireless box is "EOL" which is the acronym they use that literally means "End of Life"..Shouldnt they have some kind of automatic system where they send you a new wireless box if they have it in their records that yours is literally "circling the drain?!

Ooooooooooooh I really wish I was home in my little art "nook" working on these projects!!

They are all in-progress and surprisingly I am not tired of them yet! The double portrait is a commission for good friend of mine--Christmas present for the brother and girlfriend in the painting. The landscape is a winery in California, also a commission that I kind of want to keep for myself :)

And the last is a quite unusual painting. If you look closely, you'll notice that the painting itself is on unstretched, unprimed canvas taped to my desk. Fall is quickly becoming my favorite season specifically because of color. I've been adding to this painting little by little because the paint really soaks into the canvas and stays a bright pure color, even when you add another color on top. I just hope the paint is not creating a permanent bond with my desk and I'll be able to peel it off when I'm done!


  1. Wow! Nice paintings. I wish I knew how to paint.

    Anyway, I read that you are having problems with the internet. You mentioned, wireless box. Did you mean modem or router? I hope our tech took care of the problem. If you are still experiencing problems, let me know. I work for Comcast.

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Customer Connect
    National Customer Operations

  2. Hahahahaha! You got a comment from comcast!!!! That is HILARIOUS. Did you say to the comcast people "Do you mean we are SOL because our modem/router is EOL?" Hahahahahahaha!

    Geez the vineyard one is cool. Also I like the canvas!! Who is that one for? :) That is really cool :)