Monday, November 16, 2009

MMM Wings in the Crockpot :)

First here are some pictures of "Three Satin Dresses" and some fellow teachers' works on display at the FCPS Artist Teacher Exhibition! What talented art teachers we have!!! It was so funny how they put the masculine stapled-wood "sculpture" in between my painting and my friend's paintings.. Nice contrast I guess! My least favorite part of the exhibition was the hanging and then take-down at 8am on a Sunday... who scheduled that time slot? PW decided that if /WHEN I enter any more shows, I better check out the set-up/take-down times first :P.
I am very excited to have my painting home safe and sound.

Yesterday was a fabulous relaxing Sunday! I am not sure what we do on Sundays during the football off season....There is nothing I like more than having people over for a casual dinner party and watching the games. My old roommate came over with her pug, Ellie (snort snort snort) and her new BF (PW had another MAN to hang out with!) . She brought chips and guacamole and a veggie tray+ dip and cookies AND wine! sheesh!

To complete the buffet, I made wings in the crockpot--YUM. It is my latest crockpot endeavor. I have followed recipes in the past courtesy of two fabulous crockpot cookbooks, but created my own simple concoction this time.... First I browned the wings in the broiler--about 5-10 min on each side... Then I put them in the crockpot and dumped a mixture of buffalo wing sauce, bbq sauce, and garlic (of course!). I also but jalapenos in the bottom to add some spice. Onions would have been yummy too but I was lazy... .

They were done in 2 hrs and made the house smell SO GOOD! If you want them crispy, I guess you could put them BACK in the oven to broil for a little time on each side.... I wish I had leftovers!

Ok time to grade stacks and stacks of projects from last week!

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  1. I was just thinking yesterday I forgot to ask you how the opening went! I'm sorry for not commenting sooner- I had the drive home from HELL today- what on God's green earth are they doing to the beltway and 66W around Gainesville?!?! It is AWFUL! It took me an hour and a half to go 25 miles! Love yoU!