Wednesday, November 11, 2009

At a Cafe in Italy :)

This time of year I start getting a little restless....And some of the paintings I'm working on don't help the situation...I can honestly say I have extensively traveled around mostly the eastern United States, not to mention Canada! I have been to Vermont, Pennsylvania, Florida, Missouri, Texas, Ohio, North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia (obviously), New Jersey, Illinois, Indiana and Delaware. To earn the title of "international" traveler I have indeed been to Niagra Falls (does that even count?...)and Toronto!

However I have decided that via my paintings for other people I can add a few more places to my list. Through some commissions, I have been to Ireland, Scotland, wineries in California, a ranch in Wyoming, and most recently, a cafe in Italy. It is a work in progress and is a wedding present for a co-worker and her husband who enjoyed a Mediterranean cruise for their honeymoon this past summer! WOW! More in-progress photos coming soon....

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