Friday, August 19, 2011

Whoops! It's been a long time!

This crazy summer is winding down and I can honestly say I'm ready for school to start...I'm ready for a daily purpose and structured routine. By this point every summer, all the free time and hours at the pool turn my brain to mush. I end up spending hours doing silly things like finding out who the father is on whatever talk show or watching Bo*b R*oss youtube videos--hence the change in my blog name and design. I hope to keep this updated a bit better now that I'm settling back itno the real world. Here's a little sampling of the summer!

 Family vacation at the cabins!

 Fourth of July baseball game...I think they actually won!!

 Sudden trip to Vermont and a stay at this lovely B and B....
Fun and beautiful despite the real reason for going!
We'll miss you Grama.

 My niece now has the coolest, most colorful nursery!

 Painting on the much fun!

Yeaaah kayaking!

And I will now spend my last Friday afternoon of this summer at the pool!!
I bet the predicted thunderstorms roll in the minute I set up my chair. Ha!

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