Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Paints, New Painting!

I have discovered water soluble oil paints. I'm in love. Thanks to a forgotten Michaels gift card I recently found in my car, I bought a whole set of colors and a little round palette with a thumb hole! All I need to do is put on my purple beret and I will look like a pro.

One of my new favorite Sunday activities is walking to the Delaware Art Museum. Although it is not too big and I've walked through it a few times now, the artwork is fantastic and they have a lovely sculpture garden where I can sit and sketch. By far my favorite part of the museum is the Chihuly window!!! For those of you who've never heard of Dale Chihuly, he does these amazing glass sculptures and created these large blown glass flowers that cover one floor to ceiling window in the art museum.

I took so many pictures of the window on my last visit and started a painting on "canva-paper" with my fun new paints. The colors and light in the photos are unreal and I'm hoping I can at least come close to capturing them in paint!!

Oil paints and a new palette = very exciting Saturday

Ok time to get painting!!!

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  1. wow, that window is beautiful, and your painting is going to look great! i love the new palate!!!

    are those paints good for baby nursery murals? ;-)