Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What's for dinner!?

I got this recipe from my daily "Real Simple" emailings. Enchiladas used to baffle me. When you order them out, they come all arranged on the plate with beans, rice, guacamole, cheese, maybe some shredded lettuce. Intimidating! I have discovered, though, that they are really not too difficult to make. I made them for the second time last night before Seinfeld was over (a.k.a. less than 30 minutes!). YUM. Depending on which ingredients you buy-- such as whole wheat tortillas or reduced/fat free sour cream--they really aren't too unhealthy either!

You will need:
tortillas (3 or 4, whole wheat is healthier!)
salsa verde
sour cream (fat free?!)
cilantro (fresh would be better but I just use a ton of the dry flakes instead)
corn or mixed veggies
Boneless chicken breasts
Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Forgive me for not having exact measurements....With this recipe, it all depends on how many you want to make, how much filling you want in each tortilla, etc. Consider the first batch an experiment.
  • In one pot, simmer salsa verde and sour cream on low ( I think its about one cup each) and add a decent amount of cilantro.
  • In another pot, boil the chicken until cooked. Shred as best you can...
  • In a bowl: mix veggies, a lot of cheese (maybe a little over a cup each, in my case extra cheese). Add the chicken and HALF of the salsa verde/sour cream/cilantro sauce. Stir up!
  • Pour some of the sauce into a greased baking dish. Add fillings to tortillas, roll up, and place side by side in baking dish. Pour remaining sauce on top. Add more cheese on top, of course!
  • Bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes or so. Check them frequently so they don't burn!



  1. YUM. Does it get crispy on top? Mr. A hates that...

  2. Hmmmm it depends on how much sauce you put in the pan and then on top. I would make extra sauce for the pan and the top and that'll keep it from getting too crispy!!!!

  3. i made a version of these last night- my first enchiladas ever, and they were GREAT!! new post please :) maybe about your quirky neighbor, or the (hot?) coffee shop owner guy, or how your yoga practice is going, or what is new with your students (Berp), or your true feelings about moving for no reason ;-)


  4. sounds great :) and it's quick, you say? fabulous - I can be the most impatient cook ever :)

  5. Yes!! it's quick! even the first time I made it, it didn't take me too long :)