Friday, November 19, 2010

*Friday Dance*

"God and other artists are all a little obscure" -Oscar Wilde

The past week or so has been an artsy whirlwind.
I hardly picked up my paint brushes all summer and now I don't want to put them down! I probably look exhausted at work because I have a really hard time going to sleep early. Too many project possibilities floating around in my head. Currently I have no pieces in progress for other people, which is rather nice. I'm getting back to the basics of painting and drawing and producing--although I miss the purpose, structure, and deadlines that come with a commission. So here is the past week or so, in a photographic nutshell!

One of my best friends and fellow artist, Mara, got two pieces in an art show at Gallery West in Old Town Alexandria. This piece got Honorable Mention! So proud!!!

The very next day, Mara and I convoyed up to Maryland Institute Collge of Art (MICA) for their grad school info session. I am hopefully going to appy for the Low Residency MA which is a program for "artist/ teachers" so they say. You spend two summers on campus for 6 intense weeks of studio and ed classes and then complete the rest of the work online during 1 academic school year. It seem pretty exclusive and rather pricey but amazing! We'll see...

And then I began these flower postcards a few weeks ago. While sifting through old art supplies I found a set of blank watercolor paper postcards. They even have the lines on the back for addresses. So I began a mini series of flower paintings! They are sealed with matte medium which makes them sturdy and waterproof but I'm thinking they might be too nice to send through the mail.....

I'm also trying to take better photographs for Etsy so I tried some different set ups around the apartment...I like that my favorite Berenstain Bears mug snuck into this one.

The afternoon sunlight is lovely! Does this one show off the painting enough?

And while my garlic bread was defrosting on my radiator last night, I began the 4th and final one--the red tulips in the bottom right hand corner here...still taped down. Not sure of the background color but so far, I think it's coming along nicely!

Happy Friday!!!


  1. Maybe you could zoom in on the painting by the window (not so much plant)? Your work is so great! When are you going to enter a gallery show?!?!

    Can you apply for a grant or something for the MA?

    Maybe I can think of a commission for you!!

  2. Too funny - I was definitely amused by what your student said :)

    And it's good to hear that you've been busy with your art! Lately I haven't been as productive - I'm getting a little too easily distracted by the marketing end of things.