Monday, October 18, 2010

Can I just stay home and work on this today?!

New work!

I took the original photograph while hiking in the area...and a man walked right through with perfect timing. The lighting and the combination of feelings of loneliness and contentment made this irresistible. Not to mention how the fall weather gearing up outside is quite inspiring for such a scene.

The photograph itself shows a complete black silhouette but I just had to go back in and add detail. It started as just a very large drawing...primarily charcoal with a strong coating of dollar store hairspray..unscented of course! And then I got carried away with different materials...
The colors are washes of watered down acrylic paint and detail was added with sharpie markers. My sharpies kept dying and getting dried out with charcoal dust. So last night I started going back into the lines with black paint while enjoying the cheesiest of Lifetime movies.

So far so good I think. Updated pictures in normal lighting coming soon! And since it is on paper, a lovely standard frame may be in its future.
Side note...I have discovered another joy of living alone. I can leave my art stuff everywhere all over the floor in front of the TV and no one will care. YES!

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