Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One lucky girl right here :)

What is that sparkly thing on my left hand that keeps catching my eye?!!!

Yes you guessed correctly...We are engaged!
PW got down on one knee and popped the question right next to the Washington monument on Friday night...So romantic!!!!
I am one extremely lucky gal and we are so so excited!

We are waiting a bit for the big day--say, spring of 2012?!
Which leaves me plenty of time to look at a variety of dresses....How about these?

Platinum: PL313 wedding dress

Sattelite TV
Giant BowHead
Cathedral Hat

All of my plan time for the rest of this school year is now doomed for sure...


  1. I wonder if you have to hold your arms up the whole time for the third one? ;-) Better shape up the deltoids!!

    I am SO EXCITED for you guys!!! Can we go dress shopping sooner than later, just for fun??

  2. Yes I will start doing my push ups :D

    SURE we can!!!!!

  3. LOL - that cracked me up! I bought into it until I read the kicker "just kidding!"
    Found you on etsy, now I'm a follower!
    Congratulations! Happy future to you!