Monday, March 1, 2010

Student projects!

This year is going by way too quickly!!!
The bf and I are making big plans for next year that involve a possible job search for me! Exciting--yes, overwhelming--just a bit! I have lived in the same place for almost three years and have been so lucky to be at a great school with wonderful co-workers. I have very high standards for co-workers and administration now. That being said, it will be nice not to have to drive somewhere every Fri/Sun evening!

And I do feel pretty well prepared for interviews and such. I could literally teach art anywhere to anyone. I have taught students from all over the world who may or may not speak any English. I have taught from a cart, in a tiny trailer room with no sinks, in a small room with one sink and no storage, and have been told to switch rooms with a few days notice. Right now I am righteously spoiled by an enormous brand new art room with an equally large storage room AND kiln room!!! Except for Tuesdays when I am still on a cart and teach 5 kindergarten classes....
I could probably teach a successful art lesson out of the trunk of my car on a highway median during rush hour if they asked me too! As I update my portfolio with lesson plans and images, I am surprised at how many great projects my students have made. Here are just a few samplings from several different grade levels:

Such creative little brains they have! It always amazes me what they come up with or how they interpret my directions... Never a dull moment here!

New painting projects coming soon!

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  1. I dare you to teach a lesson out of your trunk on the beltway!!! Hahaha :) what a great image!! All these projects look awesome- I will be praying as you look for a new job! I know they will be impressed!!!