Monday, February 1, 2010

Studio Space!

This little "nook" in my townhouse, although cramped, makes for a near-perfect studio! Complete with window garden, antique tea set, and seashell collection :P

Friday was a mandatory-work-from-home-teacher-work-day, which I spent painting, of course. It was so nice and sunny I couldn't resist taking a picture. Rarely do I get to paint with natural daylilght during the winter months--what a treat!! My fellow art teacher and very close friend and I were discussing apartments, townhouses, roommates, etc. and deemed A.S.S. (Art S!@# Space, or Art Stuff Space, rather) an absolutely necessary part of any living arrangement. Perhaps we should come up with a different acronym?!


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  2. i love this picture of your A.S.S! Hahahahahaha (i posted a comment just before this but didnt put "." in the word "a.s.s." and I was worried it would bring unwanted traffic to your blog so i deleted it!!)