Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update on the Italian Cafe Window!

Little by little I am finishing up "Cafe Window in Italy"--a wedding present/commission for a co-worker friend! It has been tricky because in the photograph itself, the window is slightly crooked AND off center which totally fools with my eyes when I am trying to even out the window frame and shutters. I also need to add some warmer colors for a more glowing effect. Can't wait to go home and work on it this afternoon. After some yoga of course!

And now for some random teaching tidbits---

  • Preschool girls should NOT be wearing eye-liner.
  • Why do my 6th graders confuse a wedding shower with a bachelor party with strippers? OH DEAR. I do believe when I was in 6th grade I knew nothing, thought even kissing was icky and decided I would just shake hands when I got married......
  • Apparently the tree branches I cut out look like "tree pants."
  • I can make a very nice olympic torch out of cellophane and construction paper!
  • Me to new student:" Hi! I'm Miss Fontaine! What's your name?"...New Student: "Amen" ...Me: "What was that???!"
  • One of my students just got an "asthma TV" at home (I guess being on free/reduced lunch does free up the budget a bit)
  • Two students at lunch eating corn on the cob: Student 1:"I like to put ketchup and cheese on my corn on the cob.".. Student 2: "EW"...Student 1: "It's Spanish, you should try it!" Student 2: "Well black people don't eat corn on the cob that way" And there you have it!
Have a super Wednesday!

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  1. HA! I love the educational tidbits!! Did you tell them how white people eat corn? hahaha :) Gotta love kids being honest and blunt and not worried about talking about their differences!!!

    That painting is beautiful!