Friday, March 4, 2011

A Sampling of Ceramics!

My students are just blowing me away with the clay projects this year. I teach at a school that has never had an art teacher before. So aside from feeling like a rock star, my kiddies are generally happy to come to art. I'm finding out that a lot of them have done a lot of arts and crafts outside of school, which is wonderful. Even the ones with very little exposure, though, are so excited that they jump right in and do a great job (for the most part).

So far the first grade has made dragons for the Chinese New Year and my second graders worked on owls, inspired by the Greek goddess Athena and her wise ole owl.

These two are by far my favorite..although it may just be the picture! They look like old friends and have so much personality with a "hey-what-are-you-lookin-at" expression.

One of my students remarked how much fun it must be to be an art teacher. In what other profession could I spend hours gluing broken owls and dragons back together? According to some list of the "happiest" professions I read on msnbc, teaching is number 3! I think it should be #1!!

.......Oh, wait......

I just remembered watching one of my students picking paper up off the floor and putting it in her mouth...Just a little reminder of the little reasons it may have been bumped to 3. HA!

Happy Friday!!!


  1. ha! i am impressed- i think they are pretty recognizable animals! those kids must have a great teacher ;-)

  2. Aw shucks thanks :) I'd like to think that's it!!