Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Big Move

When renting a B*u*dget Truck, first make sure that the place where you are supposed to pick the truck up from is:
1. Still a "B*ud*get Truck Carrier"
2. Still generally in business.
Thank goodness there was another location 30 min away...
Aside from that initial hitch in the plans, the big move to Delaware went smoothly!! Everything fit and was unloaded by 7pm Just in time for a hockey game at 8 ( I forget which game....)

Isn't he handsome!!
Although I wouldn't recommend taking photos too often while speeding up 95 N..

Over the Key Bridge--Gorgeous view of the Chesapeake indeed!

With the moving and job searching and crazy end of the school year, I haven't had too much time to create some new artwork... Looking forward to July and hopefully some serious "studio" time--in between pool visits, part time babysitting, and more pool time of course....... :D


  1. Great pictures :) When are you going to do your first wedding idea post???

  2. Hope your moving day went well :)